My Christmas Blessings came in many forms this holiday
season, time for family togetherness and bonding, gift giving, fun shopping and
doing a lot of fun activities at home as well as my workplace.  I am extra thankful that I got the news that
I was included in the media line-up just before Christmas to cover for a one of
a kind show at the Araneta Coliseum! 
Truly the “LE GRAND CIRQUE” would be too hard to pass up even if we knew
we still had to get some cooking done for the Christmas Eve – my Christmas Paella
would be at stake…but what the heck…it’s the greatest show in town, direct from
Las Vegas and I got invited!  And not
only that, I get to sit in the VIP section as a media guest, we were right
smack in the middle.  Thank you sir Ian
of Araneta for the great accommodations!  
We were already pretty excited for the show to start.  The voice over already started the countdown…this
is soooo cool! Afterall, this is live entertainment at it finest!  Circuses do bring together the most amazing
performers that do the most astounding acts, mostly including acrobats,
contortionists, aerialists, jugglers, jumpers, hoopers and clowns. Cannot wait
to see the acts that defy gravity and the ones displaying near superhuman
abilities… we sit back… put out our phone cameras and wait for the grand
I tell you, as soon as the grand spectacle started, we were
just spellbound!  We were wowed with the
gravity-defying aerialists, the wall walkers, hoop divers, who dive, jump,
twist and somersault through and over stacked hoops, balancing acts and the
contortionists!  Add to that Mr. Mime who
added delight to the show by reaching out to the locals after each and every
presentation.  He was such a
delight!  And it was really a captivating
show… we were still very excited with the opening number and the next ones that
followed until the giant beach balls came bouncing around segueing to the
finale’!  Let the spellbinding “Le Grand
captivate you like it captivated me… Straight from Las Vegas, “Le Grand
is Araneta Center’s Christmas offering this December.  Touted, and if I may say really truly is THE
this holiday season. 
This spectacular circus show will definitely keep audiences on the edge of
the seats, and I know that for a fact! 
Don’t miss out!  Feel the thrill
of the death-defying stunts and unbelievable acts in a fantastic show that you
and your loved ones can enjoy this Yuletide season.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! #LeGrandCirqueAraneta
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