When you have nothing to do but ponder – you think about SALAD.  Yes that’s right, I thought about salad.  When we were young these salads were a common staple in our mama’s menu during special occasions at home like Birthdays, Christmases, New Years, Graduations and what have you.  They vary from time to time depending on the availability of produce, my mama’s budget as well as her mood.

We’ve gone through having the typical chicken macaroni salad with the raisins, carrots, celery, boiled chicken, the pineapple tidbits, mayo and salt and pepper to taste.  I remember there was also the beet salad, which I hated doing because my hand would turn all red afterwards.   The Potato Salad which I liked quite a lot was most of the time mixed with egg, thus became the Potato-Egg Salad.  Then there were the leafy greens – the lettuce, a couple of fresh veggies and parmesan, with the always available and easy to make thousand island dressing.

Some Filipinos do like them sweeter in taste compared to other cultures.  I’m sure in your homes, you might have already tasted macaroni salad that had condensed milk in it.  Yes the Filipino palate is weird and sweeter than the rest.  But of course, when you are already craving for all of this in the middle of the day when you’re feeling burnt out with your report or the people you’ve been talking to or emailing with the whole afternoon, you would want to escape.  And where do you go to find salad when you’re in Valero?  Good thing there’s The Salad Bar at the GT Tower along HV dela Costa or you can also go across the Ayala Triangle and go to Zuellig Tower.  Or if you want to take a longer walk or if you’re already in the mall at Glorietta, visit their Kiosk at the Food Choices.  It’s no non-sense salad, pre prepared, fresh.  You just have to scoop it up, put together greens or the veggies and fruits that you like with the dressing that you want or event without.  No fuss!  No mess!  You can even choose to dine in if you’re at any mall-like or food court outlet or maybe just pack it and bring it back to your office and eat it right in front of your workscreen.  Very affordable too.  A healthy snack just like the way you remember it from home.

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