Life is Short, Wear More Sneakers!
With today’s busy lifestyle, super cramped up schedules, sometimes even the prettiest women take off their killer stilettos for a cool and comfy pair of the latest Kenneth Cole sneakers when they run from one meeting to the next, and do one presentation after another. Wonderful as it already seems, they come in wide array of colors to suit your color palette. My favorite of course is the white sneaker as it can be worn with anything in my closet. As they say “Life is Short, Wear More Sneakers”.
But wait, there’s more! Kenneth Cole offers a wide range of products to suit the fashionable you and even the pickiest millennial – they have beautifully printed boots, bags, even luggages as I’ve discovered to bring where your feet takes you.
Truly a lot to choose from and with Groupon Coupons, what more can you ask for? Now the deal is even made sweeter with all the discounts you will be getting. More discounts, more shopping! Like I said “Life is Short!”
Guilty Addict!
I am guilty! I am a shoe addict! Ever since I started working and can actually buy shoes with my own hard-earned cash I have been making these crazy purchases. Through the years I have actually learned to control myself already. Back in the day I would go inside a shoe store and buy 5 pairs of

shoes all in one time, usually like one design in two or three colors, crazy right? You could call it “Imeldific” in a sense. Mind you, I don’t blame or curse her for having so many, it’s a girl thang! If a simple working Filipino citizen like me had about 3 shoe racks full of my favorite footsies, what more a beautiful first lady like her, who attends more social and political gatherings. Bless you Madame Imelda!

These days, I can admit I’ve mellowed. Maybe I just buy two at a time usually in more standard colors like black and beige or skin tone. Yes, more serious, more thought of, more out together like the ones from Steve Madden. Great quality and craftsmanship. Beautiful, very stylish and comfy, something you can’t really get from other shoe brands. These days, I can justify pampering myself with a shoe purchase fix when I feel real good or when I feel really bad that only a trip to Steve Madden can brighten up my day, and what makes it even better are the coupons from Groupon that I can collect to make my shoe fix sweeter! Thanks to Groupon sometimes I can even get more than two pairs with all the discounts they’re giving. Alas! I’m in shoe heaven once again.
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