Standing out at school
doesn’t mean you have to constantly challenge the rules and break your school’s
dress code.
So before you walk down
the crowded hallway again, make sure you’re clad in cool pieces and armed with
the right accessories that would reflect your no-nonsense rebel attitude.
Taking off from its
successful “Teevolution” campaign, which called forth an outpour of vibrant
colors, bold prints, and graphic ethnic patterns,
innovative brand BUM helps the youngsters today stand out by upping their style
quotient and street cred before the school year starts.

Veering away from the
normal and the ordinary design concepts of most local clothing labels, BUM
comes up with stylish yet functional bags that carry the brand’s style
philosophy: the Modern Goth Look with a touch of Glam Rock (think studded
pieces, motorcycle jackets, tapered pants, oversized shirts, and the like).
This utilitarian concept
was made casual by BUM, turning motorcycle jackets into cropped ones, and with
notched collar jackets for boys. They can also go for the “casual cool” look
with chino cuffed pants that allow them to swing from schoolwork to play
without breaking a sweat.
Girls, who love pieces
that can be mixed and matched with their favorite tops and bottoms, will be
delighted to know that BUM has whipped up something new for them, as well. BUM
introduces the rayon fabric for girls and exciting
new designs such as 2-in-1 tops, casual blazers, and blouses with built-in mini
designed to look like tunics.
Skinny jeans and
jeggings have also found their way into BUM’s new collection. Stylish yet
comfortable, these pants can flatter any shape and can be worn with a baggy
top, a comfy cardigan, or a fitted jacket to create proportion. Girls with
short legs can pair these with heels (stilettos or knee-high boots), while
long-legged girls can opt for comfy flats.
Making a statement,
however, is not limited to a person’s wardrobe. BUM has also come up with trendy
bags that can complete one’s  getup. 
Splashed with catchy,
statement patterns, the BUM Tote bag for girls/teens, for instance, are printed
with provocative messages that speak volumes about the wearer’s personality or
mood for the day.
Made of printed canvas
mixed with poly-fine fiber, the BUM Reversible Bag is designed with
eye-catching patterns and minimal accent details. Since both sides (inner and
outer) have designs, it’s like having two bags in one!
Going back to school has
never been this cool and fashionable.
BUM is available in leading
department stores nationwide. For more information, visit or like them on Facebook at

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