I saw this photo album shared by renown photographer, Pilar Tuason in my Facebook timeline.The best way I can do to help is to spread the message. Hopeful that it might help..

“I would like to share this documentary I did about a few friends of mine from Team Socceroo Justin Gaston Kilayko, Pablo Argüelles Calles, Federico Coco KrauseNicholas Sylver Reyes and his brothers who are inspiring and teaching kids in a Barangay in Sucat called Sampaloc. They were teaching Socceroo Youth Team in Tahanan Village when they saw a group of kids from Sampaloc playing in the field. They found a football and started kicking the ball. They joined the kids and played with them and from that day in March, they have played every Saturday with the kids. They formed a team from ages 7-13 of 25 kids. They have competed in 2 tournaments since then and have come a long way since that first encounter on the field. The main goal of the whole project is for the kids to learn the disciplines/ virtues of football that working as a team can teach them. First and foremost, they want the kids to become good people. If they become good football players, that would be an added bonus. At the end of the day, all we want is for them to smile and have something to strive for says Justin. Their long term plan is to take the beautiful game of football to other barangays says Pablo. Here are some photos I took last Saturday of their practice… all rained on and muddy.” ~ as posted by Pilar Tuason.

It was about this young group of kids that are into football and have the potential to be good athletes. I have seen the kids in action via news channels that had featured them. Right now, the group is in need of proper footwear for the kids. As you could see in the photos, not everyone wore proper shoes while playing in the muddy field. Anyone willing to donate could coordinate directly to Pilar Tuason for details.

Warm up..

Fun in the field..
Kick it!

Not everyone wears the proper football shoes..

Socceroo Youth Team

 Socceroo Youth Team with some members of Team Socceroo..

Another group shot of Socceroo Youth Team with some members of Team Socceroo..

Thank you to Pilar Tuason for allowing me to use some of her shots in this post. More photos can be viewed here..

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