Let’s all celebrate World Oceans Month together with
WWF-Philippines, Oceana, the Department of Tourism, Canon Philippines and
Solaire Resorts as they showcase the captivating underwater photos of
multi-awarded photographers Anna Varona
and Danny Ocampo in a breath-taking visual
spectacle entitled “Rule of Two-Thirds
Underwater Photo Exhibit for Marine Conservation”
 featuring the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs):  Marine
Sanctuary in Tingloy, Batangas, Apo Island in Negros Oriental, Cagayancillo and
Tubbataha in Palawan and Tanon Straight in the Visayas.
Photographer, Responsible
Tourism Advocate, Diver and Marine Wonder Woman,  Anna Varona
and her collection aims to spread awareness on the role of MPAs
in the management of long term food security not only in the locality of the
MPAs but for the whole country as well.
She believes that this endeavor is very much aligned with the World Oceans Day 2017 theme: “Our Ocean, Our Future”.  According to Anna, these MPAs ensure that our coastal resources and produce are given the
chance to regenerate and provide the nation with the sustenance of the sea not for
this generation, but for the coming generations to come.
MPAs can also assure  that our local
fishermen are given a more stable means of livelihood as well as the education
of the local fisherfolk and the LGUs towards a more stable and sustainable
On the other hand, Diver-Photographer
and Marine-Life Superhero Danny Ocampo
, campaigns
for ethical and responsible diving and photography, and hopes to influence
tourists, foreign and local alike, to be more responsible and respectful when
they visit the MPAs, as a lot of these, especially that of Apo Island, continue
to inspire hundreds of individuals, organizations and policy makers here and
abroad.  Sadly, its popularly is
beginning to be its bane and measures have to be taken to ensure that tourism
and conservation complement each other.
A big congratulations for the WWF Team who put together this
effort, along with artist-collaborators Anna and Danny, together with the
Department of Tourism, Canon Philippines who sponsored the printing of all the
portraits, including the postcard versions that will be sold to help the World
Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines in their continuous efforts to conserve
the Philippine oceans and the communities that greatly depend on them.
A salute to the   “Rule of Two-Thirds Underwater Photo
Exhibit for Marine Conservation”
it opened to the public.  WWF-Philippines’ work in protecting the
Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park inspired the declaration of a one million MPA by
the Municipal Government of Cagayancillo though a municipal ordinance covering
its entire municipal waters and surrounding open sea.  
The exhibit runs
until the 22nd of June, 2017 at the Art Wing, Ground Floor of
Solaire Resorts.
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