Supporting Lipa City’s tourism by highlighting its well-loved delicacies, socialized housing development BellaVita Land Corp. will gather all Lipa restaurants and stores to participate in a friendly contest of “Pinaka-panalongLipa Delicacies” on Oct. 25 at BellaVita compound in the city.
While the major tourist drawers in the province are its beaches, BellaVita wants to showcase Lipa City’s wide selection of Filipino delicacies such as lomi, crispy pata, and kapeng barako in order to establish that Batangas is a must visit place because of its food.
“We want to support Lipa City’s tourism in any way that we could. Lipa has a lot of potential and its food should be given more attention because they are really top class. If you want to try the best lomi, crispy pata, suman, and kapengbarako, just go here,” saidBarry Trinidad, BellaVita’s marketing manager.
All food preparations and final presentation will be prepared on site, which will start at 8 in the morning and end at 12 noon. Attendees will have the chance to taste all the entries for best lomi and kapengbarako since each contestant will provide food for free tasting.

Aside from the food fest, BellaVita will simultaneously hold the blessing of its model houses, where attendees can check the units out.

“BellaVita exists to support Filipino people achieve their dreams and succeed in life. We believe that owning a home is every Filipinos dream so we will help them achieve that by offering affordable and quality house,” Trinidad said.

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