I got a privilege to watch another foreign act yesterday — Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain’s concert. It was my first time to watch at the MOA Arena. Also, I am curious on how the sound/audio will be inside. Going back, I was excited for their performance.

photo credit: Aylin Vedad of The Daily Posh
Taylor Dayne is the artist behind the hits Love Will Lead You Back, I’ll Always Love You and Tell It to my Heart.. While Edwin McCain sang the hits I’ll Be and I Couldn’t Ask for More.. So love their music! I grew up listening to them way, way back. The audience sang along when McCain performed I’ll Be and they groove along with Dayne’s Tell It to my Heart. There was even someone in the front row who dance all the way in every beat during Taylor Dayne’s performance. Finally, the concert ended with the song Love Will Lead You Back.
The concert overall is good.. Love the songs played.. Though there are a few criticisms. First, the lapses in between artist’s performance, quite long to wait. Tendency is for the energy of the audience to decline. Second, the acoustics of the venue. In my own observation, the good audio setup didn’t complimented with venue. Too much echo and boombastic bass, I could hardly hear each instrument played. I felt like I’m in a “patok” jeepney. Quite unfortunately for the Venue console used during the concert. Third, the seats are quite uncomfortable, a bit stiff to sit on. Stressful!
Two more concerts are lined up to be done in the MOA Arena. I can never can tell if my observations will change if given another shot to witness any other performance.

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